Easy Fix: Veeam – Unable to mount vPower NFS volume

Ran into a problem where I continued to receive an error from Veeam: “Unable to mount vPower NFS volume”.

Full Veeam troubleshooting steps can be found here.

Being that I could also not connect to the NFS share directly from the vSphere Host, I figured there was something wrong with the Windows NFS/Veeam vPower mount.

There was! I realized on this (dev) server, I was already playing around with NFS – and that was listening on the Ports that should have been given to Veeam! Uninstalled NFS and we’re good to go!

Veeam connected and ran Instant Recovery with no problem. Way to go!

HA in a Small Business Environment

I think this comment by deet is spot-on with respect to disaster recovery and it’s place in a small business. We’re talking 100 nodes – not 10,000. He gets it – it’s about keeping your executives working, keeping your sales team selling, and keeping every employee working (inevitably one person without a computer is going to distract the rest).

For us, client redundancy is essential. System goes down, swap it out for “Rerun” (our spare pc) and they’re back up, and running on all systems. Server Redundancy is still in process, but virtualization will be our next step. And don’t forget the ever-so-learned lesson: local backups are the key to quick recovery (online, offsite are essential for catastrophic failure, but restoration takes day(s)).

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