Tech-Tip Friday: Nudgemail


Nudgemail redelivers mail when you need it – no sign-up or software needed. 

Have you ever sat there reading an email and think, “I’d like to follow up with this in a couple days!” – but you don’t want to forget!? Try Nudgemail.
I’ve been using Nudgemail for about a year. Simply, it’s an email reminder service – that’s insanely easy to use.

All you have to do forward an email, or send a new one, to an address that corresponds with the time you’d like to get it back, for example, “tomorrow@nudgemail.com“, “1045am@nudgemail.com“, or “oct10@nudgemail.com“.
Then, on that day/time, you’ll get the email you sent back to you! (There’s even a ‘snooze’ option)

NOTE: Be mindful of the emails you are sending to Nudgemail. Never send anything with attachments or confidential data. It’s best just to send a blank email with the reminder, instead of forwarding the entire email.

It’s currently in ‘beta’, a test project, that may add cost or limit use in the future. But for now it’s completely free!

More Nudgemail Options
They have a great “How To” page to help you get started. Head there now for more information!
Nudgemail | How-To