VMWare ESXi 3.5 on Optiplex GX280

It is possible. Pretty simple, actually. I was able to get it working with the following code (which I harvested from a number of sites I’ve since lost the links to):

  1. Press TAB key on initial boot from media to change the instal configuration to look like this:
    mboot.c32 vmkernel.gz nocheckCPUIDlimit — binmod.tgz — ienviron.tgz — cim.tgz — oem.tgz — license.tgz — install.tgz
  2. Once it was installed successfully, on the server and the Configuration tab. Select Advanced Settings
  3. For the item “VMKernal.Boot.checkCPUIDlimit” clear the check box and you should be good to go!